Let’s Get Together

17 Apr

With everyone’s busy schedules, it is difficult for friends to get together. The same applies to one of my best friends and myself. The solution? We decided that when a holiday comes around, such as Christmas and our birthday, we would get each other something which we could take part in together.

For example, for one of my birthdays my friend got me a ticket for a concert at Mohegan Sun!!! For her birthday about two years ago, I got a gift certificate that could be used towards the Sex & and the City Tour from On Tour Locations.


It doesn’t have to be just for holidays and birthdays. Anytime is good. We have gone to Yankee Games, Atlantic City and Costa Rica. But it is even great to just get together for lunch or Starbucks!

No matter what we do, the best thing is actually It is great to spend quality time with my best friend. It doesn’t have to something really fancy and it can be something close by. Being in New York City, it is easy to find something new.

Being silly & having fun!


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