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Let’s Make Some Memories

25 Feb

“Make memories because no one can take them away” ~Cyndi Neumann

Going through my room the other day attempting to get more organized, I came across mementos that I had saved from my past travels and adventures!  Looking at each, brought back many great memories.  It made me truly appreciate everywhere I have been and everything I have been able to do!  My experiences have  all been special and unique to me.  They have included relaxing at a beautiful winery in Upstate New York, to seeing the spectacular views of San Francisco when riding a cable car, to the pure adrenaline rush of skydiving!!!  None have been short of amazing!



New Year, New Adventures

25 Jan
First I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  2012 was a good year.  I had some great trips! San Francisco and Northern California for my brother’s wedding! Such a fun and beautiful day!  I was also able to fulfill a New Years resolution I made, travel somewhere new. I went to Vegas for the fist time. Vegas is definitely in a world of its own, but what a great trip!  I also did some mini trips, including Atlantic City and Philadelphia!
So as the first month of the new year is coming to an end (wow time sure flies by) I decided I should really reflect on what I want to accomplish in 2013.  Like last year, I listed my New Year’s resolutions.  I was able to accomplish some, but unfortunately not all.  
One that i did accomplish, travel to a new place, is also going to be a part of my resolutions for 2013.  I was able to volunteer in 2012 and helped with distributing supplies and clean up due to Hurricane Sandy.  Volunteering again showed me to appreciate everything I have.  It was great being able to give back and I met some amazing people!  So before January comes to a close, below are my resolutions for this coming year.
Travel somewhere new (I am also looking into a Contiki trip)
Visit friends more often (it is a great reason to travel!  I just visited my old college roommate and even though we talk, we don’t hang out enough.  We had such a great time and decided we must do visits and trips more often!)
Run a 5k (I want to do the Color Run!)
Take a trapeze class at the Trapeze School in New York
Start freelance writing (I actually did accomplish this recently and wish to continue and build up my portfolio)
Graduate from graduate school
Get a new job
Take a new class (want to learn InDesign and photography class)

So cheers to 2013!  A new year that will bring new adventures!

Take the Reins

20 Sep

“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in a saddle.” ~Winston Churchill  

Last weekend, I decided to do something I had not done in awhile.  I decided to go horseback riding!   Once again New York City provides something you wouldn’t think it would.  I went to The Bronx

Bronx Equestrian Center – Pelham Bay Park (NYC)

Equestrian Center located in Pelham Bay Park.  They offer trail riding, lessons and pony rides for kids!

I forgot how much I enjoy going.  The last time I went horseback riding was in 2009 when I went to Costa Rica.  There seems to always be a span of time in between.  It was nice to be around horses again.  I have always loved horses.  I even took lessons when I was younger.  To me there is something calming about them.  Horses are beautiful and amazing animals.  They have such spirit and grace.

Horse Twins!

For me, there is nothing like going riding.  It can be so peaceful, relaxing and calming.  On the trail it was just me and the horse.  Plus it was a beautiful and sunny day!  Perfect weather for riding!



Feature Post

9 Aug

Feature Post

I am excited that my travel writing article “Your Can Surf in New York City” is feature on the website for  ‘Do It Will You’re Young’!!!

Comfort Zone

17 Jul

I absolutely love this quote!

~Neale Donald Walsch~



Let’s Go!!!

21 Jun

Let's Go!!!

Favorite Places…Pura Vida!

29 Feb

I wish I had my blog back in 2009. If I did, I would have definitely included a post about one of my favorite places I traveled to. Costa Rica!

I went with 3 of my friends and we had an amazing time!!!


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