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What 2013 Taught Me…

22 Jan

While I know it is almost the end of January, I figured it isn’t too late to still reflect on last year.  Instead of just making resolutions this year, I decided to share what 2013 taught me.

I learned I may get lost, but I will eventually find my way.

I learned that being disappointed isn’t easy, but it can make you stronger.

I learned that I should constantly challenge and push myself out of my comfort zone.

I learned that you can’t force things to work out if they were not meant to be.  If they were, then they will.

I learned that the most beautiful things can sometimes be the simplest.

I learned that things can finally start to go your way, but instantly change.  The trick is to not get discouraged.

I learned that traveling not only makes me happy, but also pushes and challenges me.

Learned that I should travel to a new place once a year. 

I learned you need to be able to laugh at certain situations.  Laughter really can be the best medicine.

I learned that the NYC subway is surprisingly  a good place to write and get work done. 

I learned it is important to have a passion and to do what you love. 

I learned that you have a good friend when you can just laugh at the craziest things and have a blast where ever you are.

I learned that apartment hunting can teach you a lot. 

I learned that hiring movers is worth the money.

I learned how important it is to travel to different parts of the country and to see how different they are.

I learned the importance of spending time with family and friends that matter and getting rid of the toxic people in your life.